What Makes Diamonds So Valuable: Everything You Need to Know

Diamonds are precious stones coveted for their rarity and enduring beauty. These natural wonders have always been among the most sought-after items in the world, valued for their exceptional qualities and symbolic significance.

Countless people have adorned themselves with these gemstones, and diamond engagement rings have become globally recognized symbols of love and commitment. But what exactly makes diamonds so valuable? Why are they in such high demand? In this article, we will explore the key factors that contribute to the value and appeal of diamonds.

Geology of Diamonds

Diamonds are formed deep within the earth, under conditions of intense heat and pressure. They are a type of carbon mineral, the same element that forms the basis of all life on earth. What makes diamonds unique is their crystal structure, which gives them exceptional strength, hardness, and transparency.

While diamonds can be found in many parts of the world, only a small fraction of them meet the criteria for use in jewelry, as they must be free from impurities, defects, and other imperfections.

Science of Diamond Cutting

Once diamonds are mined, they go through a process of cutting and polishing, which involves shaping them into the characteristic facets and angles that enhance their brilliance and fire. Diamond cutting is a painstaking art form, requiring precision tools, extensive training, and a deep understanding of the stone’s optical properties.

The way a diamond is cut can have a significant impact on its value, as it determines how much light is reflected internally, making the gem appear brighter and more lively.

  • Diamond cutting is a highly specialized skill that involves multiple processes, including cleaving, sawing, polishing, and faceting.
  • Diamond cutters use a variety of tools, from diamond-tipped blades to laser beams, to create the intricate cuts and angles that give the stone its characteristic sparkle.
  • The most popular diamond shapes for jewelry include round brilliant, princess, pear, oval, marquise, cushion, and emerald.

History of Diamonds

Diamonds have captivated humans for thousands of years, with evidence of their use as far back as ancient India and Rome. However, it was not until the 15th century that diamonds began to be systematically mined and traded, mainly in India and later Brazil.

The discovery of diamonds in South Africa in the late 19th century created a new era of diamond mining and production, leading to the founding of major companies such as De Beers.

  • Diamonds have played a significant role in world history, symbolizing power, wealth, and romance.
  • Since the 1940s, diamonds have been associated with engagement rings, thanks to a clever marketing campaign by De Beers that linked diamonds to love and commitment.
  • Today, the diamond industry is worth billions of dollars, with the majority of diamond production coming from Africa, Russia, and Australia.

Rarity of Diamonds:

Diamonds are rare and highly in demand. In fact, only a small fraction of mined diamond stones fetch a high price. This is mostly because diamonds are not abundant, the complexity of the process of finding and mining them also restricts the supply.

As a result, diamonds with larger carat sizes and exceptional color and clarity grades demand high prices, increasing their value.

What Makes Diamonds So Valuable
What Makes Diamonds So Valuable

Durability and Strength of Diamonds:

Diamonds are the hardest mineral known to man, thus their exceptional hardness and durability have a significant impact on their worth. The durability feature means diamonds, unlike other precious stones, do not easily break, scratch, or wear out. They can, therefore, be passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms.

Exceptional Beauty of Diamonds:

The brilliance of diamonds is one of the compelling reasons why they are so precious. Diamonds reflect light in different ways, sparkling like no other gemstones. These gemstones come in a range of colors, including blue, red, green, yellow, and pink, each with distinct value and beauty. The colorless or white variety diamonds are the most popular for jewelry, given their timeless appeal and sparkle.

Four Cs – Carat Weight, Clarity, Colour, and Cut:

The four Cs are the essential factors determining the value of a diamond. Simply put, the carat refers to the weight, which is usually measured in points, with every point representing one-hundredth of a carat’s weight.

Clarity refers to the presence of internal or external flaws on the gem, while the color grade determined the color of the diamond, with colorless diamonds receiving the highest value. Lastly, the cut determines the quality of craftsmanship, which should bring out the diamond’s unique beauty.

Social Significance:

Diamonds have immense social significance, usually acquired for special occasions, such as proposals, weddings, and anniversaries. Giving someone a diamond ring is a declaration of love and commitment and plays a significant role in creating lasting memories.

Bidding for a diamond is not only about the cash value but also about the emotions and social significance attached to it.

Investment Value:

Diamonds’ worth also comes from their investment value, making them an excellent option for diversifying portfolios. The rarity of diamonds combined with their exceptional hardness and durability attributes means that they can retain their value for ages, especially if they have a recognized grade or certification. Because of this, people often buy diamonds as physical assets that can be sold later for cash.


Diamonds have enduring value and appeal, as evidenced by their continued popularity from century to century. This is due to their rarity, stunning beauty, durability, social significance, and investment value. Whether you’re planning on buying a diamond for a special someone or investing your money, the value of diamonds is undeniable.

Remember, the four Cs are crucial when determining the worth of a diamond, and acquiring a certification would give weight to their value. Regardless of whether or not you decide to invest in these remarkable gemstones, diamonds will forever be one of the most cherished items in human history.

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