Electric Vehicles can be Charged Wirelessly Soon

Electric Vehicles Wireless Charging: Vehicle sales in India have been on the rise for the past few years. Production is increasing many times over, especially as more and more people are using vehicles. However, the use of such vehicles in large quantities may increase the impact of environmental pollution. So instead many people are opting for electric vehicles.

There are so many types of electric vehicles coming out today to suit this need of the people. Similarly, given the rising petrol and diesel prices, more and more people want to buy electric vehicles. Instead of petrol and diesel, these electric vehicles only require a charge. Once charged, we can travel a certain number of kilometers. After that, we will be forced to recharge. Two college students are about to introduce a new invention to eliminate such a problem.

The students at the Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology (MIET) have come up with an alternative. Of these, electric vehicles, like diesel and petrol vehicles, can now travel long distances as a result of this initiative. With the help of the wireless electric charging system of students Sagar Kumar and Rohit Rajpar, electric vehicles can be charged while driving. Vehicles are not able to travel long distances as there are low-level charging points on the roads. Thus electric vehicle users face various problems.


Electric Vehicles Wireless Charging

Sagar Kumar about Electric Vehicles Wireless Charging

For this, towers can be set up on the roadsides and the receiver can be placed in the car, said student Sagar. As soon as the car reaches the boundary of the tower, the car’s battery will start to charge. Although the limit of the receiver is very low, work to improve its speed will continue. Mention that it has a wireless mobile charger-like structure. Their proposal has been sent to the Finance Commission which has provided financial assistance of Rs. 20,000.

And the two shared many things about it. “We had been thinking about the idea of ​​a wireless electric vehicle charging system for a long time, but we were having trouble getting help from either side,” Rohit said. But our project was selected when we contacted the Atal Community Innovation Center. And we got funding and a lab from them to make a prototype for this. Due to this, the work is being done easily. ”

Commenting on their discovery, Puneet Agarwal, Vice President, MIET Education Center, said, “Our college has an Atal Community Innovation Center where students can create innovative things. We try our best to help them with their ideas. “

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