How to cut a Pizza without a Pizza cutter?

Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most popular food items around the world. However, many pizza enthusiasts miss out on enjoying a delicious slice because they don’t have a pizza cutter.

While it’s true that pizza cutters make the job easier, they aren’t essential. In this article, we’ll show you how to tackle the challenge of cutting a pizza without a pizza cutter, using everyday household items.

Using a knife and fork

If you don’t have a pizza cutter, the next best option is to use a knife and fork. Start by cutting the outer edges of the pizza using a sharp knife. Once you have completed the outer edges, start slicing the pizza into small pieces. Use a fork to hold down the pizza to prevent it from sliding around.

  • Use a serrated knife to cut through the crispy crust of the pizza
  • Keep a firm grip on the pizza with your other hand
  • Cut diagonally to make the slices easier to handle

Kitchen scissors

Another household item that can be used to slice your pizza is kitchen scissors. Cut off the outer edges of the pizza using a knife, and then start using the scissors to form individual slices. This method is particularly useful if you’re dealing with a deep-dish pizza.

  • Use a pair of sharp kitchen scissors
  • Trim off the excess crust first
  • Cut diagonally in one direction and then the other to make triangular slices

Cookie Cutters

If you don’t have a pizza cutter, but you do have cookie cutters, then you’re in luck. This method is perfect for making uniform slices for parties or gatherings. Choose a large cookie cutter size to fit the pizza size, press down, and voila! You have an instant pizza shape.

  • Use metal cookie cutters rather than plastic ones
  • Be careful not to push too hard to avoid breaking the pizza
  • Use a sharp knife to cut through the crust if there’s any leftover excess
How to cut a Pizza without a Pizza cutter
How to cut a Pizza without a Pizza cutter

Using a Can Opener

If you don’t have a pizza cutter, but you have a can opener, then you can use it to slice your pizza. Remove the blade of the can opener and use the sharp edge to make clean, precise slices through the pizza.

  • Remove the blade of the can opener
  • Hold the can opener at an angle and scrape it across the pizza
  • Use a fork to hold the pizza and avoid it from sliding around

Kitchen Gadgets

Another option is to use kitchen gadgets such as potato peelers or cheese graters to slice your pizza. While it may not produce the most uniform cuts, it’s an alternative option to explore.

  • Use a sharp potato peeler or cheese grater
  • Hold the pizza firmly with one hand and scrape with the gadget using the other
  • Be careful not to press down too hard or the pizza crust may break

The Classic Way

If all else fails, the old-school method of simply tearing pieces off the pizza will work. This method is perfect if you’re alone and you don’t need to share or create uniform slices.

  • Hold the pizza slice with one hand and tear off small pieces with the other
  • Avoid cold pizza, because it becomes more difficult to tear into
  • The crust makes for a great handle


There you have it, six ways to slice a pizza without a pizza cutter. Remember, practice makes perfect, and you won’t need a pizza cutter next time you want to enjoy a delicious slice of your favorite pizza. Let us know which method you prefer, and if you have any other tips or tricks to share!

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