Powerful earthquake in Afghanistan: Death toll rises to 920 & More than 600 injured

A Taliban minister has shared the death toll from a powerful earthquake in Afghanistan this morning. An earthquake struck near the southeastern city of Ghost this morning. The quake, which measured 6.1 on the Richter scale, caused several buildings to collapse.


The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. Meanwhile, the Taliban-led Afghan government says 920 people have been killed so far. It is feared that the death toll could rise further as rescue operations continue. The quake, which measured 6.1 on the Richter scale, was felt in Pakistan as well.



A Taliban spokesman has written that all international organizations should help Afghanistan as the damage from the quake is severe. The injured have been rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment. It is feared that the death toll will rise as many of them are in poor health.


The US Geological Survey said the quake struck at a depth of 51 km, 44 km (27 miles) off the coast of Pakistan. As a result, many buildings in the capital, Kabul, were damaged. The quake affected Peshawar, northwestern Pakistan.


About 119 million people are said to have felt the quake in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. The highest death toll was reported in Afghanistan’s Paktika province. No casualties have been reported in Pakistan so far. This is the first natural disaster to hit the country since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

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