The blue scroll that appeared in the New Zealand sky: Alien door?

WELLINGTON: The sudden blue scrolls in New Zealand’s skies have sparked a huge debate on the internet. Things we do not know about the universe are buried. Studies on this are ongoing around the world. All the top countries in the world are doing research, especially on extraterrestrials. In addition, organizations including NASA are openly involved in trying to contact aliens.

New Zealand

The footage that appeared in the New Zealand sky last night has caused great controversy on the Internet. At 7:30 pm New Zealand time on Sunday, the people of that country saw a mysterious thing. The structure that was in blue was curly to look at. Also, the people of the country said that it was moving without a place.

New Zealand Blue Sky
New Zealand Blue Sky


This huge vortex of blue light that appeared in the sky caused a stir among the people of that country. Many people took pictures of it and shared them on social media and raised questions about it. This blue light vortex that originated in New Zealand was the only one on the social networking site Trend. The reason for this was that the Netizens were beating each other up for every reason.

Netizens & Reasons

Some say it will be the flying saucer of aliens. Still, others say that this mysterious vortex in the sky is the path to other galaxies and that aliens are using it to reach our planet. Others said it was a black hole that came to swallow the world. Thus each came up with a reason they knew.

Richard Easter, a professor of physics at the University of Auckland, explains that a mysterious object can suddenly appear in the sky. He said clouds like this can sometimes occur when a rocket launches a satellite into orbit.

At the same time, this is not the first time such blue scrolls have appeared in the sky. Earlier in 2009, when Russia launched a missile, large blue coils appeared in Norway. People in New Zealand are trending this on the internet even though they know the reason.

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