How to Find a New Address for Someone?

Losing contact with someone important to you can be a distressing situation. Whether it’s an old friend, a family member, or a former colleague, it’s only natural to want to reconnect.

However, finding their current address can be a challenge, especially if you have no idea where to start. In this article, we’ll help you learn how to find a new address for someone with simple and effective steps.

Start with Social Media:

In today’s digital age, social media is the go-to place for finding lost connections. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can be useful tools in your search for a new address. Look up the person’s name or username on different social media networks and browse through their profiles.

You might find pictures, posts, or comments that reveal their current location. You can also try reaching out to mutual friends and ask for any information they might have.

Check Public Records:

Many governments keep public records of their citizens, which are easily accessible online. You can search for birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce judgments, and property ownership records, among others.

These records can contain the person’s current and past addresses. A quick Google search with the person’s name and location could lead you to the right public record website.

Use People Search Websites:

There are online tools that specialize in finding people’s addresses, such as Whitepages, Spokeo, and Intelius. These websites collect public records from different sources and compile them into a single database.

How to Find a New Address for Someone
How to Find a New Address for Someone

All you need is the person’s name and last known location to search for their current address. Keep in mind, though, that these sites may charge a fee for more detailed information.

Check the Postal Service:

If you have the person’s full name and previous address, you can try contacting the local post office. They have a forwarding service that redirects mail to the person’s new address for a certain period. You can also file a change of address form on their behalf, which will notify the post office to update their records. You can find the local post office’s contact information online, through 411 directories, or by visiting in person.

Hire a Private Investigator:

If all else fails, you can consider hiring a professional to find the person’s address. Private investigators have access to resources and databases that the general public does not. They can search through public records, contact previous acquaintances, and even use surveillance techniques to track down the person’s whereabouts. However, be prepared to pay a hefty fee for their services.

Follow Legal Procedures:

If your search is related to a legal matter, such as serving court papers or collecting a debt, you may be able to obtain the person’s new address through legal procedures. You can file a motion for discovery to get their address from the opposing party.

Alternatively, you can serve them a subpoena to appear in court, which will require them to provide their current address. Keep in mind that these procedures require legal expertise and may require a lawyer’s assistance.


Losing contact with someone doesn’t mean you can never find them again. With the right tools and a bit of persistence, you can track down their new address and reconnect with them. Start with social media and public records, use people search websites and the postal service, consider hiring a private investigator, or follow legal procedures if necessary. Regardless of the method you choose, remember to respect the person’s privacy and follow ethical and legal guidelines. Good luck with your search!

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