Mesa County’s Battle Against the Japanese Beetle: A $110,000 Boost

Mesa County has been granted $110,000 by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to combat the invasive Japanese beetle, a pest that poses a significant threat to local agriculture and ornamental horticulture.

The Threat of the Japanese Beetle

The Japanese beetle, first discovered in Grand Junction in 2022, has been causing extensive damage to over 300 species of plants, including key crops like peaches, grapes, and sweet corn. The beetle’s presence in the area has prompted urgent action from local authorities and agricultural experts.

Japanese beetle eradication efforts

Funding for Eradication Efforts

The funding will support Mesa County’s ongoing efforts to eradicate the beetle, which include setting up traps, monitoring the pest’s presence, and implementing treatment plans. The county has been working closely with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and other partners to address this ecological challenge.

A Collaborative Approach

The eradication plan involves a collaborative effort between Mesa County’s Noxious Weed and Pest Management, the City of Grand Junction, and the CSU Tri-River Extension office. Together, they have been monitoring the beetle population and mapping its spread across the affected area.

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